Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Love, Happiness and Potential

Greetings of Love
and Peace

I hope you are well. It has been a while here, and I feel to share what has been happening. There are a couple of changes taking place in my life and I feel ready to begin to step into a greater place where I can serve others in a wider way.  As I continue to share my light with others in the creative form, I open up to all possibilities.

I surrender to the universe and I hope it takes me where I need to be in life. I trust the process and allow my life to unfold so that I can be the person I am meant to become while on this beautiful planet. I dream of a place where we all are connected in unity and surrender to our divine truth to lead the lives we are born to create.

Join me on this open road where anything is possible and we co-create our lives together..

I now offer Creative Intuitive Led Mentoring from my heart to yours.

Feel free to get in touch, if you are inspired to take action and live the creative life of your dreams. I will design a package especially for you.

Always in loving support
Ana xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A New Year and Being Grateful

Happy New Year
May all your wildest dreams come true
for you.
May you find peace, and be
happy and 
always believe
in yourself

     Rainbow Art Print Eco Friendly Blank Greeting Card - 'Believe' Note card, ChanelledCreations

It has been a rejuvenating couple of weeks here, as I am just getting better from the flu which acquired over the Holiday Season. The time of rest has bought in much awareness and need to just sit still and be. Over the coming weeks nearing the Holiday season everything accelerated and it was a process of keeping up with all that was occurring on the outside. Reality was, that it just made me out of sync and that is why my body decided it was time to stop, and just rest. I'm grateful for having this opportunity while being ill to fully address how I have been feeling and to experience what I have been holding onto, in order to release what no longer serves. 

                                  Handstamped necklace i am grateful for womans jewelry, Marybeadz

Today, I am grateful for

  • Leonie Dawson's 2013 Create your Incredible Year Workbook + Planner which is helping to ground my feelings and what I wish for 2013 and how to take that forward. A great supportive tool to help you in the right direction, that is gentle and guides you forward.
  • Self care and self reflection - Taking my time to just be and to enjoy my presence either in a bath or a walk and to really feel how I a feeling
  • My cat who sits with me everyday showing me how easy it is to love
  • My family who are supportive in their own way and wish for my happiness
  • Old and new friends who are a delight to be and connect with
  • My life the way it is
  • The universe
  • YOU - Thank you for being here and reading this blog
What are you grateful for today?

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year x

With love


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Letting go in 2012

It has been a transformational couple of weeks here. I have been more observant about my habits and daily activities and what stops me from being in the flow. I have realized that it's important to be aware of these things because it makes one more accepting and appreciative of where one is. I'm very grateful for what I have and what I do, and this makes even more committed to create a life based on all that is aligned with my truth.

            Heart Butterfly Original Acrylic Painting - Transformation - Recycled, ChanelledCreations

Being aware of what stops us makes way for the new and encourages growth. The limiting beliefs that have surfaced are ones that I have been aware of since I was a teenager and I know that in the past I used to be hard on myself because of them. I have realized that I don't need to feel inferior to them, and that they are still part of who I am and that I can learn to slowly step away from.

Being aware is life's greatest gift, and the realization that these habits that we form can be cut off at any time is a blessing in disguise. I know that it often takes a long while to let go of something and that is perfectly alright, as there is a time for everything as it is when the individual is ready.

My main limiting beliefs have always been self sabotage and food, and this is something that has been with me on and off since I was a teenager. I have worked on the self sabotage behavior the last few years and I am to say that I have accepted and released the experience and acknowledged why it was happening on a repetitive basis. Self sabotage is linked with depression, and restricting one's ability on purpose. It's like a cycle, that continues unless you confront it.

                            Original Handmade Blank Hand Painted Purple Abstract Watercolor Eco    Friendly Recycled Greeting Card, ChanelledCreations

The limiting belief around food is linked to my fulfillment and needs, and what is not being met. I have realized that when my needs are met that I don't indulge, and so learning to be aware of this has always been at the forefront of my experience. With patience and understanding I have slowly crossed the barrier and acknowledged the behavior with compassion and love, and I have let go of this limiting behavior. There is still a little resistance there sometimes, and that is okay as the more I surrender to my true needs, the more I step away from it completely and no longer need to latch on it for self gratification. 

Art Print Sun Postcard 4x6 - Limited Edition - 'I have the Power' Autumn Fall, ChanelledCreations

I invite you to join me on a self empowering journey to yourself that starts today about letting go of One thing that makes you uneasy or is no longer serving you. 

What is it that you want to let go of? And what are the ways in which you can be true to yourself in honoring that commitment? 

Feel free to link yourself below to show that you are committed to change, and what better way than to start today! 

Please show your support by visiting all those that link up. Let's make it a supportive and encouraging way to help one another and be there for others x

I commit to letting go of all the things that no longer serve me from this day forth

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Featured Artist: Abso-Knitting-Lutely

Today's Featured Artist is Nadia from Abso-Knitting-Lutely
who requested to be Featured on the Blog due to being a follower and a Reader of these Features for quite sometime. 

Thank you for being here, and I really appreciate you following.

                                          100g hand-dyed laceweight yarn, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

Nadia is a resident in the UK and sells a variety of colorful knitting and spinning items as well as other pretty things like jewelry, stitch markers and charms and many more.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am Nadia from Abso-knitting-lutely! I originally come from Germany, but I also lived in Bangladesh for a few years and finally moved to the UK in 2009.

                                      Pink beaded charm bracelet with hearts, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

What do you create?

All sorts of things! I am a knitter, spinner and dyer and I would do a whole lot more fibre arts if only I had the space for more equipment. My favourite things to knit are socks, which is how I basically learned to knit. I taught myself while I was working towards a PhD because I needed something to take my mind off it and help me relax at the end of the day. 

Rather recently I discovered spinning and quickly progressed from spindles to a second-hand wheel which I love. Aside from spinning and dyeing yarn for my shop, I also make beaded jewellery and work with polymer clay to create cute little stitch markers, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. 

                                               Blueberry muffin necklace, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

What is the inspiration behind your work, and your shop's name?

As a knitter, I like to use materials and accessories that add a bit of luxury or silly fun to the process of knitting and, of course, to the finished item too. So I like to create products that will do the same for my customers. A pretty set of stitch markers or an unusual yarn can make any knit even more fun, and if they are one of a kind, even better! My shop name reflects this enthusiasm for crafting: Abso-knitting-lutely it does!

                                       Stitchmarkers: Ice cream cone set of 4, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

Why did you decide to open up your shop? 

There were several reasons. For one, the shop allows me to craft even more without needing to worry about where on earth I am going to keep everything and when I will be able to use it myself. Now I can share my items with others around the world and they can enjoy the products as much as I would myself. Another reason was that people often asked me to make things for them because they saw me using stitch markers I had made or a skein of yarn in wonderful colours that I had dyed. 

The demand was so great that I considered opening a shop, but the thing that gave me the final push to actually do it was when a friend of my boyfriend’s actually suggested selling on Etsy. It was the best time to do it: I had very little to lose, I had lots of time because I had been made redundant (Thanks, British economy!) and I can now make a little bit of money doing something I actually love.

                                              Blue owl purse or bag charm, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

How do you describe your creative process?

I would say it is a spontaneous, simply organic process because I tend not to plan ahead and think about what I should be doing. Usually, I get inspired by something I see and I think: Yeah, that would look good as a stitch marker. Or I find some amazing colour combinations that I think would work really well as a yarn. I have always been intuitive in my approach and feel that having a detailed plan doesn't work well for me because it destroys – or at the very least hinders - creativity.

                               Psychedelic: 100g hand-dyed superwash sock yarn, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

What motivates you?

The need to create something with my own hands. I quite often get the feeling that I need to make something and do something with my hands and it can be very frustrating if I can’t come up with an idea right then. All that energy gets bottled up unless I find some kind of creative release for it. I mentioned intuition and an organic approach earlier: I make things when I feel I have to, something inside me drives me to create something beautiful. That is all the motivation you need, isn't it?

                                       Christmas tree stitch markers (set of 4), Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

Aside from Crafting, what do you enjoy doing?

Apart from being a Crafter, I am also a writer and artist. I have written a lot of poetry, short stories and even published a book about Maori literature in 2010. When I was younger I was convinced I would one day make a living with my art because I had always sketched and painted a lot. I continued till I went to university where, among other things, I studied Art. Somehow that took away all my creativity in that department and I have hardly painted since. Still, the good thing is that my interest in art is probably the reason I am a good Crafter now, so it’s not all bad.

                                           Knitting-themed purled necklace, Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

What is the best piece of advice that you can give to anyone starting out? 

Make sure you continue to enjoy what you do. Once a hobby becomes a profession, things change. What you liked doing for pleasure at your own pace may suddenly become a burden because you have deadlines or other pressures from outside. Don’t be discouraged if the sales don’t come for some time – people first need to learn more about you and your products, and it is a tough market out there with lots of competition. 

Make sure you get yourself out there, you need to be seen to be noticed. That is probably the hardest thing, becoming more visible to others without being perceived as shamelessly plugging your products. Personally, I find it hard to do because I don’t like marketing myself – it makes me feel like I am showing off. BUT it is important and the only way to make your business lucrative.

                                           Fish stitch markers (set of 6), Abso-Knitting-Lutetly

Where can we find you online?






Thank you so much to Nadia from Abso-Knitting-Lutetly
 for approaching me and for having the chance
of being featured here today.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are. x

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Joy of Giving to Yourself

Today I spent the day walking, being in nature, people watching and painting. I haven't done all four in a while, and it has been very nurturing. Giving myself the chance to spend a day in tune with how I am and feel has opened me up to new ideas, inspiration and creativity.

                                 Buddha Meditation 8 X 10 Fine Art Photographic Print, SpiritedWoodland

I started today with a daily meditation. I'm taking part in Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Meditation Challenge. This is something that I have dedicated to do everyday for 21 days, and I hope to continue. I love meditation, have always been in tune with it, and so this opportunity has come at the right time to commit, connect and tune in to being.

Today I took the opportunity to take clothes and books that I no longer need to a Charity Store and I felt elated to be giving away what no longer serves, so that I can make way for the new. It is amazing what happens when you give away what you no longer need. After giving away these items, I felt to sit down in the middle of town and simply be while observing the life around me. I have missed people, and I felt very content to be sitting there watching people going about their daily life. I felt tranquil and balanced, and as I watched and smiled I felt even more grounded and grateful than ever for being here.

        Art Print Tree Branches Eco Greeting Card - 'Grounded Roots' Note card, ChanelledCreations

The day continued with a long walk past a couple of towns into the heart of nature, and just the feeling of walking and being in the presence of everything and everyone around me made me happy because this is something that I love to do, just walk and appreciate all that is here. It was beautiful to be acquainted with the path, and the ray of the sun shining into existence and the warmth of the trees evoking sweet symphonies of beauty and life.

Walking Route

I spent most of the day walking, observing and appreciating. It was a very beautiful day and I even bought home a giant golden leaf as a present. As soon as I arrived I felt to draw and paint and so I gave myself the opportunity and time to just be with how I was feeling and let the hands flow freely and take me into my soul.

Creativity and Soul's Message

I drew and painted this painting stating 'Give yourself to me' which means to allow myself the time and space to be with how I am, feel and do so that I can be at one and content more in who I am and what I can do. By taking this opportunity today to just be, and do the things in flow with my being has enabled me to connect into my core being and what I wish to do and share with others. 

It is important to nurture oneself and give the time and space one needs to really be oneself and do the things you are drawn to. When was the last time you gave in to yourself and took a day to just be and do the things you love? And how did you feel and what happened afterwards?