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Best Way To Clean GLASS WINDOWS And Doors

Best Way To Clean GLASS WINDOWS And Doors
Best way to clean glass windows
Best way to clean glass windows - If you need those dirty windows, farm house tables or glass doors in your home to be clean and shiny, to give your home a fresh sparkling charm, it really is easier you think. Surprisingly, you do not have even to buy a special glass cleaner from the supermarket. There are lots of excellent cleaning products for glass surfaces commercially available, as any visit to your local supermarket or general store will confirm, but also in real fact it is straightforward and inexpensive to make your own glass cleaner at home, with the added benefit that you know just what is in it and that it is environmentally friendly.
All you need to do is to decrease one part spirit and one part water into a suitable container. A bottle with a bottle of spray attachment is best. You can usually pick these up quite easily at a pound or money store, but if are not able to find any, you can just re-use the one which you have at home, making sure you thoroughly rinse it out first. Apply the combined solution onto the glass you want to clean and then rub the surface with newspaper as if it were a cloth.

When the newspaper is completely saturated, throw away it and using some more newspaper, repeat the process until the glass has been cleaned and dried. It may take a little bit of getting used to, but persevere and you will soon start to see the results. If for any reason you cannot get your hands on some old newspaper, or you would prefer to not use it, then the best thing to do would be to clean the glass by using a microfiber cloth. The unique structure of these cloths makes for considerably more efficient cleaning than the old-fashioned cleaning cloths which your mother or granny may have used in earlier times.

The recommended procedure is a little bit different if the cup has greasy stains, for example on the surface of any glass dining table. To clean glass with grease spots, you require to dilute a teaspoon of starch in half a pint of hot water and by using a sponge, cover the liberally with this mixture. You then need to let this solution dry completely before you rub the glass with newspaper soaked in vinegar - or with a microfiber cloth as before. You should never use this mixture on glass where there is bright sunshine or in a room which is very warm, as it is going to dry too fast and people not are enough time to reduce all the dirt.

In summer it is very easy for dirt to accumulate on glass. A classic cure - and one we don't have tested to be good - for cleaning it easily and quickly, is to cut an red onion in half and stroke it on the goblet. When the onion is dirty, cut off the dirty part and continue using other onion until the glass is totally clean. This is certainly a novel way of getting your glass clean. It may well be effective but we certainly have a feeling the smell may well not be to everyone's taste! So there you have it, a few simple easy-to-implement tips for keeping your glass surfaces throughout the home clean and gleaming.

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